EarMen portable DACs are a compact and affordable way to improve the sound quality from your laptop and smartphone

EarMen’s portable and affordable DACs aim to improve the sound performance of music played on your computer and smartphone.

Designed for simple plug and play use, these small but powerful DACs and headphone amplifiers are compact, elegant and user-friendly – while also ensuring high-quality performance and compatibility with all high-resolution digital audio formats.

The products are powered by high-quality DAC chips that provide the ultimate sound quality performance and a stable sound field all the way to your headphones. High grade components are used to ensure low noise and minimal loss of sound quality along the signal path.

All of EarMen’s DACs are compatible with Apple and Android smartphones, as well as MacOS and Windows computers.

EarMen Eagle
The EarMen Eagle is a pocket-friendly USB DAC and headphone amplifier designed to boost the sound quality of your computer or smartphone-stored digital audio files.

The Eagle supports high-resolution digital files up to 32-bit/384kHz (PCM) as well as DSD128 files. Measuring just 55 x 22 x 8mm and weighing a mere 15 grams, the Eagle is lightweight and compact enough to take with you wherever you want to listen to music.

The robust aluminium enclosure and glass design details offer a premium feel to the device, and it has a 3.5mm headphone output and a USB-A input for connecting to devices. 

The EarMen Eagle is priced £109.

EarMen Sparrow
The EarMen Sparrow is a high-performance USB DAC, preamp and headphone amplifier with support for MQA playback. 

Sparrow is designed to process digital sound in high-resolution audio quality into analogue for greater detail, clarity and precision. Inside lies the flagship ESS Sabre ES9281PRO chip, which supports playback of MQA files, as well as high-resolution files up to 32-bit/384kHz (PCM) and DSD128 audio.

Thanks to MQA renderer technology, Sparrow delivers audio close to the studio recording in an easy and cost-efficient manner. The Sabre chip is the first to offer an integrated hardware MQA renderer, meaning the Sparrow automatically detects any MQA stream and entirely unfolds it when streamed from TIDAL Masters music streaming service.

Sparrow is housed in a lightweight but robust aluminium enclosure, which protects the audio signal from interference. It features USB-C connection, a 3.5mm output and a 2.5mm balanced output with up to 4.0V RMS of power to ensure plenty of headroom for demanding headsets.

The EarMen Sparrow is priced £189.

EarMen TR-Amp
The EarMen TR-Amp is a battery-powered DAC, preamp and headphone amplifier that is compatible with all hi-res file formats (including MQA) and delivers a performance that will satisfy the most demanding listener.

The TR-Amp uses a 32-bit mobile audio DAC with unprecedented dynamic range and ultra-low distortion, and a A/B amplifier architecture to deliver high bandwidth, extremely low noise and up to 128dB of dynamic range.

The versatile TR-Amp is compatible with Qobuz and TIDAL hi-res music streaming services. It can support hi-res files up to 32-bit384kHz (PCM), DSD256 via DoP, native DSD128 and MQA. 

Compact enough to be placed anywhere on your desk without taking up space, the TR-Amp has a battery life of up to 10 hours. This means you can listen to high-quality music wherever you want and without being tethered to the mains.

With the TR-Amp, you can simultaneously listen to two pairs of headphones using the 6.3mm and 3.5mm headphone sockets. There is an analogue volume control for the preamp and headphone amplifier, and you can switch between direct DAC or preamp function. 

The all-metal aluminium housing of TR-Amp eliminates external noise sources, and features separate data and charging USB-C ports so you can listen to music without interruption.

The EarMen TR-Amp is priced £229. 

The EarMen DACs are available to buy now at Amazon UK, Hifonix, AudioVisual Online, Audiologica and Home Media.

About MQA
MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) is an award-winning British technology that delivers the sound of the original master recording. The master MQA file is fully authenticated and is small enough to stream or download. For more information, visit mqa.co.uk 


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EarMen Eagle

EarMen Sparrow

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